Restore Medical is a full-service independent medico-legal agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to law firms, insurers & their clients.   

Medical Experts 

We have a nationwide panel of experienced medical experts in all disciplines who prepare high-quality medical reports in personal injury, clinical negligence, abuse and industrial disease claims. 

All of our experts have been trained to produce high quality medico-legal reports that are fully compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”). 
Our in-house team at Restore Medical and Synergy Medical Reports has over 10 years’ experience of working within the medico-legal industry. We pride ourselves in what we do and have the knowledge and experience to deliver excellent results. 

What We Do 

We are an independent medico-legal agency that receives instructions from our clients, (often law firms and solicitors) for us to provide high-quality medico-legal reports and/or rehabilitation services on behalf of their clients. 

The process is timely and efficient with the goal being to produce the highest-quality medico-legal report and/or rehabilitation treatment as soon as is reasonably practical. We keep things simple and offer the best possible service to our clients. 

 Quality not Quantity 

The mantra of Restore Medical is that we operate on a “quality not quantity” basis and this has served us well and enabled us to achieve excellent results for our clients. 
We have learned that ‘bigger doesn’t always mean better’ and we have focussed our efforts on working with quality and reputable law firms, insurers and medical experts. 
We seek to work with our clients on a long-term basis and this is evident in our approach. 

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